Call for Submissions

Reflections From The People’s University 

Deadline: August 1, 2024 

With college graduations and the Spring 2024 semester firmly in the rearview mirror, this summer should serve as a moment of serious reflection on experiments with teach-ins, alternative pedagogies, and the expansion of the classroom into the encampments, along with administrative violence in response. 

The Abusable Past seeks contributions that speak to faculty and student experiences with teaching and learning during the Palestine solidarity protests of 2024. Possible questions to consider include: 

What was your experience with teach-ins? What did you teach? What alternative modes of teaching did this moment open up?  

What historical lessons were especially urgent during this moment? What connections did people’s university programming and protests allow you to explore? 

Students: how was your learning experience transformed?  Did the protests provide opportunities for additional learning, and if so, how? How did the people’s university programming and protests complement or complicate the learning you’ve done in more traditional classes? 


We invite contributions from educators and students in higher education. Undergraduate students are welcome to reflect on their classroom experience and learning. Student teachers, adjuncts, lecturers, and tenure-stream faculty members are all welcome. Submissions can be anywhere from two meaningful paragraphs to 2,000 words and can include images, videos, and other forms of multimedia.  

To submit a contribution or if you have questions, email